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Resin art by local artist Chris Norris -Tranquility Studio. A perfect weekend getaway.
Resin art by local artist Chris Norris – Tranquility Studio

Did you know that Ravensbourne Escape and The Woods restaurant used to be called ‘Sketches’ to reflect our region’s abundance of artists? To this day we remain artistic advocates, offering the perfect location for budding and established artists to hone their creativity.

This year we are proud to be hosting an artist in residence for the InStudio Art Trail 2019. This event showcases artists in residence from across the region and is a great excuse for an artsy weekend getaway.

What does the InStudio Art Trail entail?

On the 17th and 18th of August our region is hosting a self-drive art trail which visits home studios and exhibition spaces of artists local to Crows Nest, Hampton, Ravensbourne and surrounding regions. This year there are six main attractions.

1. Trailblazers

Trailblazers is a diverse collection of over 70 artworks including paintings, sculptures, mosaics, woodwork, jewellery and graphite drawings. Artists Brian Chelman, Glenda Fuller, Rosalie Eustace, Lester Donkin, Margaret Shaw, Rosemary Mibus, Lyn Johnston and Helen Pearson will also be available to discuss their works and techniques.

2. Bruce Griffiths

This year we are lucky enough to have Bruce Griffiths in residence at our restaurant, The Woods. Bruce’s paintings celebrate the natural beauty of Australia, paying homage to the cities, seas and landscapes. He is constantly seeking out new frontiers so he can tell their unique stories.

3. Chris Norris

Known for vibrant and expressive colours inspired by the natural world, Chris loves working with the unpredictable medium of resin. Ravensbourne Escape is lucky enough to have two commissioned pieces from Chris in our luxury studios (Tranquillity and Serenity) inspired by the unique views from the studio balconies.

Resin art by local artist Chris Norris -Serenity Studio. A perfect weekend getaway.
Resin art by local artist Chris Norris – Serenity Studio

4. Warren Pashen

Avid environmentalist, Warren is committed to reducing waste via art. His trade skills and artistic eye allow him to transform rubbish into sculptural forms, which he displays in his garden.

5. Stacey Blinco

Avid drawer and painter, Stacey is a multi-talented artist who has shifted her focus to oil and acrylic. While her subjects are varied, she finds herself drawn to natural landscapes and animals.

6. Tina Cherry

Working with a wide range of mediums, Tina often creates figurative depictions of life and grave landscapes with environmental messages. Switching between realistic and expressionistic styles, she is a master storyteller.

To download a full map of the trail, visit the InStudio Art Trail 2019 Facebook page.

Looking to plan your artsy weekend getaway?

Make a weekend out of it by booking accommodation at Ravensbourne Escape. We have a range of luxury houses on offer, just a stone’s throw away from the InStudio Art Trail.

Spend a day driving the trail and the next exploring local national parks, antique stores, museums and arts and crafts stores. For a full list of local attractions, click here.

Wintertime is busy, so give us a call today to check availability.

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