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Getting back to nature! A young eco explorer climbs a tree in the high country.
Get back to nature! Experience the high country with the kids.

This year has seen global climate strikes led by children across the world. Young influencers like Greta Thunburg are taking charge and our kids are fighting for a more sustainable future. As more and more children fight to make a difference, it’s important that families embrace the plight of their kids and nurture their passion for the environment.

So if you’re planning a family holiday, here are some tips to engage budding eco explorers!

Escape to the high country

For kids that live in the city, a holiday can be a great excuse to escape the concrete and crowds and experience high country living. Out in the country, life moves at a slower pace and the locals are more in touch with the natural world. Take some time to explore local towns, museums and heritage sites to learn more about country life.

Reconnect with nature

Holidays in the high country provide excellent opportunities for you and your family to reconnect with the great outdoors. Take some time to explore local national parks and nature reserves. Pack some backpacks with a lunch and lots of water and spend the day wildlife spotting and marvelling at towering trees. Your little eco explorers will love the adventure!

Visit farms and other producers

As more and more families grow their own food, a trip to the high country is also a great chance to teach kids about the importance of farming. Many farms conduct tours and will tell you give you some great tips about when to plant and harvest and how to best care for crops. When you get home you can use what you’ve learned as a family to plant your own veggie patch or herb garden.

Make ecofriendly choices

During your holiday, try to make greener choices about what you do and where you stay. Find accommodation that is ecofriendly and visit places that are eco conscious. Whether you decide on camping in a campsite or staying at some ecofriendly holiday homes, make sure you teach your little eco explorers the importance of tidying up litter and respecting the environment.

Looking for the perfect holiday for your eco explorers?

Come stay with us a Ravensbourne Escape. Bordered by Ravensbourne National Park, our eco-conscious accommodation is just a stone’s throw away from a number of country towns, nature reserves and local farms.

Within 2 hours drive of Brisbane, Toowoomba and the Gold Coast, we have a range of family style holiday homes available, including the Alpine inspired Cedar Lodge and panoramic wonder, Windsong.

All of our houses are self-catered so you can cook family meals together, or if you fancy some time off, you can grab a delicious locally produced meal from our on-site restaurant, The Woods. Simply book online or give us a call to arrange your eco escape.

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