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Our award winning Tranquility studio. The perfect place for a luxury escape!
Tranquility Studio takes out bronze at the Queensland Tourism Awards

It’s been a great year for us here at Ravensbourne Escape and this has been made even better by our recent win at the Queensland Tourism Awards. As you may have heard, our luxury studio Tranquillity took out Bronze in the Self Contained Accommodation category. To celebrate this exciting news we wanted to let you know exactly what it is that makes our luxury studios so special.

Eco conscious design

Both Tranquillity and sister studio Serenity were designed with the environment in mind. Our luxury studios are energy efficient and eco-friendly with a zero-carbon footprint design. This includes 1.5 kW solar panels, LED lighting, filtered rainwater tanks, and eco-friendly composite decks made from a blend of 95% recycled plastic and timber. This means you can indulge in a luxury escape knowing that you aren’t costing the environment.

Romantic and relaxing

Our luxury studios are always a favourite for couples looking for a luxury escape, and for good reason! Both studios feature huge wrap around windows and covered balcony overlooking the surrounding forests and valley below. Enjoy sipping espresso at the scenic breakfast nooks or, in cooler months, snuggling up beside the cosy log fires. Otherwise you can enjoy the stunning outdoor spas protected by undercover balconies overlooking spectacular forest views. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a glass of bubbles and watch the sun go down.

Amazing guest reviews

Tranquillity and Serenity have over 120 five star reviews. Curious about what our guest have to say? The words that come up most often are: ‘relaxing’, ‘luxurious’, ‘green’, ‘stylish’, ‘quiet’, ‘peaceful’, ‘beautiful’, ‘private’, ‘perfect’. We couldn’t have described it better ourselves!

The view from the spa at Tranquility Studio.
Peaceful, private, perfect! The view from the spa at Tranquility Studio

Want to experience our luxury studios?

Simply call us or book online. Located just 40 minutes from Toowoomba, 90 minutes from Brisbane, and 130 minutes from the Gold Coast, Ravensbourne Escape is the perfect luxury escape. Both Serenity and Tranquillity are available year round for minimum 2 night stays.

Want to ramp up the romance? We can also provide you with a Welcome Platter and a complimentary bottle of wine or bubbly on your arrival Simply ask about our platters when booking and we’ll organise it all for you!

Don’t feel like cooking? Book a table at The Woods (our on-site restaurant/café) on Friday or Saturday night and enjoy a glass of wine while taking in the amazing view.

A little girl takes photos on a family holiday.
Family fun! With a few simple tips you can make travelling with kids a breeze.

Who doesn’t love a family holiday? New places, new adventures and quality family fun. The only drawback? Travelling with children can be a real challenge. Long distances in the car and a shift from normal routines can make even the best behaved children tired and irritable. Luckily there are lots of tactics you can use to keep your kids happy during family travels.

Stock up the car

When you are travelling by car, it’s important to pack all of the on-route essentials. Make sure to bring enough water to keep the family hydrated and pack some snacks to appease little appetites. Good options are dried fruit, muesli bars, cheese cubes, chopped fruit and vegetables and mini sandwiches.

Make frequent stops

While many families try to reduce the amount of stops en-route, if you have kids on board, making frequent stops is a must. Aim for one stop per hour of driving, even if it’s just a quick 10 minutes to stretch their little legs and take in some fresh air. It’s also a great opportunity to use the bathroom or have a family picnic.

Take the scenic route

While it’s faster to use motorways and highways when getting from A to B, the scenic route provides more family entertainment. Not only will the kids have more to look at, you can use the opportunity to explore little country towns, local museums or walking tracks in national parks. It may take a little longer, but this way the drive itself becomes part of the holiday. 

Play informative games

While ‘I Spy’ and ‘The Number Plate Game’ are great road trip games, you can also use the opportunity to get them learning. Do some research ahead of time about the towns, landmarks and areas that you are driving through and give them an informative guided tour. Alternatively, you can create a tailored scavenger hunt by pre-preparing a list of things you’ll see along the way: cows, a windmill, a barn, a kangaroo, a campervan, etc.

Looking for family friendly accommodation for your next family holiday?

Book a family home at Ravensbourne Escape. Bordered by the lush forests of Ravensbourne National Park, our high country location is the perfect place to escape the summer heat. Located just 90 minutes from Brisbane, 40 minutes from Toowoomba and 130 minutes from the Gold Coast, we have a range of holiday homes available.

For families, we recommend our 3 bedroom cottages, Cedar Lodge or Windsong. Both homes feature wood fires, air-conditioning and open plan living areas with stunning panoramic views, as well as full kitchens for cooking delicious family meals. During your visit you can stop by our on-site restaurant for a feed, explore our landscaped gardens or enjoy watching the local birdlife. To secure your holiday home, simply book online, or give us a call.

Getting back to nature! A young eco explorer climbs a tree in the high country.
Get back to nature! Experience the high country with the kids.

This year has seen global climate strikes led by children across the world. Young influencers like Greta Thunburg are taking charge and our kids are fighting for a more sustainable future. As more and more children fight to make a difference, it’s important that families embrace the plight of their kids and nurture their passion for the environment.

So if you’re planning a family holiday, here are some tips to engage budding eco explorers!

Escape to the high country

For kids that live in the city, a holiday can be a great excuse to escape the concrete and crowds and experience high country living. Out in the country, life moves at a slower pace and the locals are more in touch with the natural world. Take some time to explore local towns, museums and heritage sites to learn more about country life.

Reconnect with nature

Holidays in the high country provide excellent opportunities for you and your family to reconnect with the great outdoors. Take some time to explore local national parks and nature reserves. Pack some backpacks with a lunch and lots of water and spend the day wildlife spotting and marvelling at towering trees. Your little eco explorers will love the adventure!

Visit farms and other producers

As more and more families grow their own food, a trip to the high country is also a great chance to teach kids about the importance of farming. Many farms conduct tours and will tell you give you some great tips about when to plant and harvest and how to best care for crops. When you get home you can use what you’ve learned as a family to plant your own veggie patch or herb garden.

Make ecofriendly choices

During your holiday, try to make greener choices about what you do and where you stay. Find accommodation that is ecofriendly and visit places that are eco conscious. Whether you decide on camping in a campsite or staying at some ecofriendly holiday homes, make sure you teach your little eco explorers the importance of tidying up litter and respecting the environment.

Looking for the perfect holiday for your eco explorers?

Come stay with us a Ravensbourne Escape. Bordered by Ravensbourne National Park, our eco-conscious accommodation is just a stone’s throw away from a number of country towns, nature reserves and local farms.

Within 2 hours drive of Brisbane, Toowoomba and the Gold Coast, we have a range of family style holiday homes available, including the Alpine inspired Cedar Lodge and panoramic wonder, Windsong.

All of our houses are self-catered so you can cook family meals together, or if you fancy some time off, you can grab a delicious locally produced meal from our on-site restaurant, The Woods. Simply book online or give us a call to arrange your eco escape.

A family escapes to the high country for some quality family time
Holiday in the high country. Trade heat, sand and crowds for a breath of fresh air!

For most Australians, the beach is synonymous with family fun. People love the sun, surf and salt air and return year after year for their family holiday. While beach holidays are certainly enjoyable, it might be time to switch it up with a high country getaway. Here’s why!

Stay sand free

While beaches are certainly beautiful, there is one clear drawback – sand. No matter how hard you try, sand always ends up everywhere. It gets in your clothes, your bags and the car and hangs around for weeks to come. Things get even worse when you add sunscreen into the mix. Sticky sunscreen and gritty sand is one disastrous combination. Luckily, in the high country you can stay sand free while enjoying your natural surrounds.

Avoid the crowds

As the weather warms up, people flock to the beach. Both locals and tourists alike head to the coast with their families to enjoy the sun. While this might sound appealing, the crowds are less so. On a hot, humid day, being packed on a stretch of beach can be incredibly stressful, especially with little ones in tow. Instead of following the masses to dry coastal beaches, it’s far more pleasant to escape to the cooler green areas of the high country.

Avoid parking dilemmas

Worse still, with large crowds come masses of traffic. Finding a parking spot along the beachfront can take ages and this can be a stressful experience when you’ve got kids in the backseat. By choosing the country instead of the beach, you can always guarantee a park.

Score some shade

All regular beach goers know the struggle of finding some shade. You have to park in the shade if you want to prevent the car from turning into a furnace and there are only so many spots with trees. Even if you score a shade for your car, you need to make your own shade on the beach to protect your family from the baking rays of the sun. This means lugging around and setting up huge umbrellas, beach tents or sun shelters. On a high country holiday you’ll never be short of trees and shade. Better yet, due to the elevated altitude, the high country climate is much cooler and less humid than the coast.

Get some fresh country air

Because of their popularity, cities usually grow around beaches. This means that the beach also comes with air pollution. While the beach itself may have clear air, if you are staying nearby, the air might not be quite as clean. By embarking on a high country getaway you can guarantee a fresh dose of country air for the whole family.

Explore new activities

A high country getaway offers a huge range of fun activities. You can go hiking in national parks, horseback riding in grasslands, four-wheel-driving along trails or visit a range of heritage attractions, country markets, gardens, cafes and eateries. Some country towns also have organised tours that allow you to see the best the region has to offer.

Looking for a country getaway near Toowoomba, Brisbane or the Gold Coast?

Plan your next family holiday at Ravensbourne Escape! Perched amongst the clouds and fresh mountain air, our site is bordered by the evergreen Ravensbourne National Park. Just a short drive from a range of bushwalks, eateries and quaint country towns, it’s the perfect place to spend some quality family time.

Ravensbourne Escape has a range of self-catered, family-friendly holiday homes available. We even have our own on-site restaurant if you don’t fancy cooking for yourself! Simply book online or give us a call and we can recommend the perfect house for your family’s needs!

Ravensbourne at it's best! The view from Quingilli at Ravensbourne Escape
Ravensbourne at its best! The view from Quingilli at Ravensbourne Escape

At Ravensbourne Escape we are incredibly proud of the place we call home. The Ravensbourne area is such a huge part of our life and identity, we sometimes forget how few people know about our locality and all it has to offer. If you, like most of our first time guests, haven’t heard of Ravensbourne, then here’s your chance to learn more about the perfect Queensland weekend getaway destination.

1. Where are you located?

Ravensbourne is a locality situated in southern Queensland, Australia. Just 40 minutes away from Toowoomba central, Ravensbourne is part of the Toowoomba Region local government in the Darling Downs region.

2. What are you known for?

Ravensbourne is known for it’s rich fertile soil and temperate climate, which provides ideal growing conditions for a wide range of produce.  Ravensbourne and surrounding areas are known for producing fleshy avocados, zesty limes, organic vegetables, and sweet berries. We are also known for our free-range meats and local wines.

3. Do you have any local attractions?

Most of Ravensbourne is within the catchment of Cressbrook Creek, a body of water branching off from the Brisbane River. Stemming from this is Lake Cressbrook, a beautiful place for boating, camping, fishing, hiking and watersports. Ravensbourne is also home to the magnificent Ravensbourne National Park. Thick with vibrant forest and home to over 80 bird species, you can explore this park via a network of beautiful walking tracks.

4.  What’s the weather like?

Despite being so close to Toowoomba, our micro-region has a unique climate due to the surrounding mountains and forest. Even in the scorching heats of summer, our temperatures tend to remain under 30.0°C. Our warmest months are December, January and February and our coolest are May, June, July, August and September. January through to April and October, to December are the most common times for rain, with February being our wettest month and August the driest.

5. Are there any local events?

There are many annual events that draw crowds to Ravensbourne and the surrounding area. Our main events include, the Ravensbourne Markets held on the 1st Sunday of each month and hosted by our on-site restaurant The Woods, the Hampton Festival (held in May each year) and the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers (held in September each year).

6. Where can you stay?

Ravensbourne is home to a range of beautiful chalets, lodges and studios. At Ravensbourne Escape we have 11 luxury houses perfect for couples, groups and families looking to get away from the city for a taste of mountain air.  A great Queensland weekend getaway for Toowoomba locals, our accommodation is perched on the Eastern escarpment of the Great Dividing Range, providing guests with breathtaking views across the mountains.

Want to explore Ravensbourne for yourself? Book a stay at Ravensbourne Escape and fall in love! We are always happy to help you organise an itinerary so you can explore the very best our region has to offer.

Love is in the air! Mountain views from Serenity, one of our honeymoon suites
Love is in the air! The view from Serenity, one of our honeymoon suites

Finding the right honeymoon destination can be a real challenge. Most Australian couples are strapped for cash after their weddings and want to avoid spending savings on an overseas honeymoon. Many couples choose to postpone their honeymoons for several months (or skip the honeymoon altogether). But it doesn’t have to be that way! At Ravensbourne Escape we can provide the perfect honeymoon getaway without breaking the bank. So, if you’re considering a honeymoon in Queensland, here are some reasons to stay with us.

Spectacular views

Nothing says romance like a breathtaking view. While it’s important to get out and explore the local area, you want to ensure that the accommodation you choose has views that you can enjoy from your room. At Ravensbourne Escape we have three unique bridal suites perfect for celebrating your honeymoon. 

Each suite has a log fire and balcony, as well as a heated spa overlooking stunning natural views. Both Serenity and Tranquillity overlook a picturesque valley of mountains and forest, whereas Tree Tops is set amongst native trees visited by beautiful birdlife. Our suites are the perfect place to unwind with a bottle of bubbles.

Gourmet dining

Wining and dining have always been a big part of romance and your honeymoon shouldn’t be any different. Use the opportunity to indulge in beautiful cuisines while you celebrate the next chapter of your lives. At Ravensbourne Escape we have a fabulous on-site restaurant, The Woods.

Renowned for its artisan sourdough and freshly brewed coffee, The Woods is the perfect place for breakfast, brunch or afternoon tea (Thursday – Sunday) and dinner (Friday and Saturday nights). Simply stroll down for breaky after a sleep-in or wander over for a coffee after a day of activities. We are also lucky enough to be close to a number of award winning eateries such as Emeraude (micro region eatery) and Bunnyconnellen (café, olive grove and vineyard).

Fun activities

While your honeymoon is a great excuse to flop and drop, it’s always a good idea to plan some fun activities in the local area. Ravensbourne Escape is in close vicinity to a range of wonderful attractions. For outdoorsy types, you can book a horse ride through a working cattle property with Cowboy Up or explore the hiking tracks at Ravensbourne National Park and Crows Nest National Park.  For those interested in tours, the High Country Hamlets offers a range of guided tours to suit every interest.

Looking for a Honeymoon in Queensland? Call Ravensbourne Escape

Perched on the eastern escarpment of the Great Dividing Range, Ravensbourne Escape is the perfect place for a honeymoon getaway. Just 90 minutes from Brisbane, 40 minutes from Toowoomba and 130 minutes from the Gold Coast, our secluded location is the perfect place to relax and unwind post wedding. To book, simply give us a call and ask about our honeymoon packages.

A beautiful country wedding at Ravensbourne Mountain Retreat
A beautiful country wedding at Ravensbourne Mountain Retreat – Photo by Poppy & Finch Photography & Film

Planning a wedding can be a stressful time. Nowadays there are seemingly endless possibilities for locations, décor and themes, so it can be hard to decide what you want. If you find yourself in a tizzy, take a step back and remember that your wedding day is about you and your partner and at the end of the day, most couples want the same thing – a beautiful day that they will cherish forever. So, to help you plan your big day, here are 5 reasons to consider a country wedding.

Perfect setting for rustic styling

Rustic wedding styling is a trend that stands the test of time. The style highlights the simplicity of country life and centres on rustic elements such as timber, greenery and native inspired bouquets and flowers. Rustic weddings are most effective when held in country locations and perfect for those wanting an outdoor wedding beneath a marquee or tree.

Save on décor and styling

Rustic country weddings can also save you a lot of money on décor and styling. If you choose a location that is naturally beautiful, you can capitalise on the view or surrounding foliage and keep decorating at a minimum. Throw up a few fairy lights in the trees or marquee, add minimal table decorations and a rustic wedding arch and you’re good to go!

More intimate

Up in the hills or rural plains, things instantly feel more private, making the country the perfect place for a more intimate wedding. To add to the intimacy, keep guest numbers on the small to medium size. Of course, what constitutes a small wedding differs from couple to couple. But whether its 10 people or 100, a wedding in the country will ensure that your wedding is more peaceful and intimate.

Enjoy a night under the stars

What’s more romantic than a rolling night sky littered with twinkling stars? Once you’re away from the hustle and bustle of the city (and it’s endless light pollution) the night sky is fully visible and truly spectacular. So, if you’re planning an afternoon ceremony and an evening reception, a country wedding can provide the perfect starry backdrop.

Give your guests an excuse for a getaway

Everyone loves an excuse to take long weekend or book a getaway. By having your wedding in the country, your guests might have to drive a bit further, but they’ll love the opportunity to get away from the city. If you book your wedding on a weekend (or a Friday), encourage guests to make a long weekend of it. If you book your wedding on a weekday, suggest that they use the wedding as an excuse for a little getaway. Everybody wins!

Book a country wedding at Ravensbourne Escape

If you have your heart set on a country wedding, then enquire about our wedding packages at Ravensbourne Escape. In partnership with our on-site restaurant and function centre, The Woods, we offer a range of locations for your reception and or ceremony, including, our restaurant and surrounding deck with amazing views of Ravensbourne National Park, or a large marquee set on our manicured lawns bordered by lush gardens.

Better yet, our on-site luxury housing means there’s ample accommodation for your guests. That means there’s no need for anyone to drive home and you can continue to celebrate over breakfast the next morning. For the special couple, we have three beautiful bridal studios (Serenity, Tranquility and Tree Tops) all with breathtaking views and outdoor spas, so you can create the perfect romantic setting.

So, whether you’re based in Toowoomba, Brisbane, the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast, our country location makes the perfect wedding venue.

The view from Serenity studio, Ravensbourne Escape. A perfect location for corporate getaways
Sweet Serenity! The view from Serenity studio, Ravensbourne Escape

Corporate getaways come in many forms. They can be incentive events to reward team members, team-building events to reconnect employees or conferences to educate, rethink and restructure. They are also a great opportunity to reenergise and relax. So, if you’re planning a corporate getaway, here are some strategies to maximise your time away from the daily grind. 

Digital detox

While technology brings us creative solutions and effective communication, it’s important to place some limits on technology while away during corporate events. Some good solutions are to designate specific times during the day to check and answer emails, and to turn phones off during meal times. It’s also important to disconnect yourselves from any devices at least 30 minutes before bed.

Quality sleep

Deep, rejuvenating sleep is essential for all employees to ensure they avoid burnout and stay energised. Quality rest is something we can struggle to get at home; so corporate getaways are great opportunities to ensure everybody gets a full 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Getting in the habit of prioritising sleep will lead to greater productivity, creativity and mental endurance.

Daily exercise

While many corporate retreats focus on mental wellbeing, it is important to recognise the connection between physical and mental health. Just as good mental health allows for increased resilience and stress management, improved physical health is linked to improved emotional health. By exercising regularly you reactive muscles and relieve tension caused by stress and from sitting down for long periods of time. You can also increase blood flow and oxygenate your body, which leads to improved cognition and creativity.

The perfect place for a corporate getaway

Looking for place to relax and reenergise your employees? Located 40 minutes from Toowoomba, 90 minutes from Brisbane and 130 minutes from the Gold Coast, Ravensbourne Escape is ideal for corporate events and getaways.

Bordered by the beautiful Ravensbourne National Park, you and your team can enjoy group hikes among towering trees and trickling streams or organise group yoga or meditation sessions. Getaway from the hustle and bustle and relax in our 11 luxury houses (all self catered), or dine out at our onsite restaurant, The Woods. We offer a range of corporate packages catering for groups of 5 to 35 people and can customise a range of team building activities. Call us today for availability!

Silverwood Lodge makes the perfect corporate event accomodation
Silverwood Lodge makes the perfect corporate event accomodation

The calendar has slipped past the midyear point. Your business has survived the stress of End of Financial Year, but just as you pull into the clear, your team is gearing up to meet inevitable end of year deadlines. You need time to recharge, but when?

As an executive, there never seems to be a good time to take a break. You’re a leader. Others rely on you. Even when your delivery team are delivering, you need to be planning and looking forward. Without you, you worry things could de-rail or at least loose momentum. But the truth is, you dedicate your life to building strong, talented teams and they can manage the day-to-days themselves. You owe it to yourself (and your team) to take time out for yourself with a corporate event or getaway,

The benefits of an executive corporate event

Fight burn out

In our fast-paced digital world where working days follow you home, it’s difficult to unwind. Long periods of stress and overworking eventually lead to burnout and feelings of emotional, physical and mental exhaustion. To counter these feelings you need to take time out from your regular routine so you can recharge, reenergise and re-inspire.

Give others a chance to lead

It’s important to place trust in your team and most employees enjoy the opportunity to self-manage when their leaders are taking time out. You hired them because they are capable, so it’s important they are given the chance to prove themselves. Just make sure you set clear deadlines, deliverables and backup plans before you leave.

Boost creativity

The daily grind is crammed full of meetings, conversations and interruptions. It’s rare to get regular, uninterrupted opportunities to pause, reflect and think. There’s a reason why we have so many profound thoughts and breakthroughs in the shower. The brain requires easy and passive activity to find creative solutions, which is why taking time out is essential.

So, if you’re avoiding time off, then it’s time to stop and plan an executive corporate event or getaway. Whether it’s for yourself, or a group of your managers and directors, some downtime is the perfect way to refresh and reenergise. 

Located just 40 minutes from Toowoomba, 90 minutes from Brisbane and 130 minutes from the Gold Coast, Ravensbourne Escape is the perfect location for corporate events. We have customisable corporate packages, including accommodation, catering, and team building activities for groups between 5 to 35 people. 2019 dates are filling up, so call 07 4697 8092 to secure your place.

Resin art by local artist Chris Norris -Tranquility Studio. A perfect weekend getaway.
Resin art by local artist Chris Norris – Tranquility Studio

Did you know that Ravensbourne Escape and The Woods restaurant used to be called ‘Sketches’ to reflect our region’s abundance of artists? To this day we remain artistic advocates, offering the perfect location for budding and established artists to hone their creativity.

This year we are proud to be hosting an artist in residence for the InStudio Art Trail 2019. This event showcases artists in residence from across the region and is a great excuse for an artsy weekend getaway.

What does the InStudio Art Trail entail?

On the 17th and 18th of August our region is hosting a self-drive art trail which visits home studios and exhibition spaces of artists local to Crows Nest, Hampton, Ravensbourne and surrounding regions. This year there are six main attractions.

1. Trailblazers

Trailblazers is a diverse collection of over 70 artworks including paintings, sculptures, mosaics, woodwork, jewellery and graphite drawings. Artists Brian Chelman, Glenda Fuller, Rosalie Eustace, Lester Donkin, Margaret Shaw, Rosemary Mibus, Lyn Johnston and Helen Pearson will also be available to discuss their works and techniques.

2. Bruce Griffiths

This year we are lucky enough to have Bruce Griffiths in residence at our restaurant, The Woods. Bruce’s paintings celebrate the natural beauty of Australia, paying homage to the cities, seas and landscapes. He is constantly seeking out new frontiers so he can tell their unique stories.

3. Chris Norris

Known for vibrant and expressive colours inspired by the natural world, Chris loves working with the unpredictable medium of resin. Ravensbourne Escape is lucky enough to have two commissioned pieces from Chris in our luxury studios (Tranquillity and Serenity) inspired by the unique views from the studio balconies.

Resin art by local artist Chris Norris -Serenity Studio. A perfect weekend getaway.
Resin art by local artist Chris Norris – Serenity Studio

4. Warren Pashen

Avid environmentalist, Warren is committed to reducing waste via art. His trade skills and artistic eye allow him to transform rubbish into sculptural forms, which he displays in his garden.

5. Stacey Blinco

Avid drawer and painter, Stacey is a multi-talented artist who has shifted her focus to oil and acrylic. While her subjects are varied, she finds herself drawn to natural landscapes and animals.

6. Tina Cherry

Working with a wide range of mediums, Tina often creates figurative depictions of life and grave landscapes with environmental messages. Switching between realistic and expressionistic styles, she is a master storyteller.

To download a full map of the trail, visit the InStudio Art Trail 2019 Facebook page.

Looking to plan your artsy weekend getaway?

Make a weekend out of it by booking accommodation at Ravensbourne Escape. We have a range of luxury houses on offer, just a stone’s throw away from the InStudio Art Trail.

Spend a day driving the trail and the next exploring local national parks, antique stores, museums and arts and crafts stores. For a full list of local attractions, click here.

Wintertime is busy, so give us a call today to check availability.

An eastern yellow robin at Ravensbourne National Park
An eastern yellow robin perched in Ravensbourne National Park

Whether you’re a budding birder or devoted twitcher, the delights of birdwatching are hard to deny. It’s a great excuse to get away to places you’ve never been and explore some of the country’s great national parks. So, if you’re looking for some great birding spots, here are two of the greatest birdwatching getaways Queensland has to offer.

Crows Nest National Park

Crows Nest National Park is home to a large number of native and visiting birds. Located on the edge of the Great Dividing Range, the park is known for breathtaking eucalyptus forests, waterfalls and lookouts.

The forests are home to an array of birdlife including: pale-headed rosellas, golden whistlers, rose robins, eastern yellow robins, grey shrike-thrushes, blue-faced honeyeaters and noisy miners. The national park is also home to bandicoots, swamp wallabies, echidnas, lace monitors and vulnerable brush-tailed rock-wallabies. If you visit at dawn or dusk you can even spot platypus, possums and sugar gliders.

Ravensbourne National Park

Ravensbourne National Park is home to over 110 bird species. Among palm groves and towering trees, you can spot satin bowerbirds, fruit doves, red-backed fairy-wrens and six species of owls. As you walk, you can hear the calls of the elusive green catbird, noisy pitta, eastern whipbird and wompoo fruit-dove. If you’re lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of the vulnerable black-breasted button-quail.

The piccabeen palms attract large groups of topknot pigeons and the picnic sites are frequented by curious robins and fantails. In winter you can see red-tailed black and glossy black-cockatoos feeding on seasonal casuarina seeds.

Accommodation for birdwatching getaways Queensland

Looking for luxury accommodation near Ravensbourne and Crows Nest National Park? Book a luxury house at Ravensbourne Escape. Nestled on the eastern escarpment of the Great Dividing Range, Ravensbourne Escape is just a short drive from both national parks.

Better yet, our retreat is visited by lots of beautiful birdlife that can be spotted during an early morning walk around the grounds. So, what are you waiting for? Break out the binoculars and book today!

The Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers -The perfect springtime Queensland getaway!
The Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers – A perfect excuse for a springtime getaway!

While the cooler months of winter are refreshing at first, it’s not long before we Australians are longing for the warmer weather. So before you get stuck with the winter blues, it’s time to start planning a Queensland getaway this spring.

See the Carnival of Flowers this spring!

Each spring Toowoomba bursts to life with a beautiful array of blooms. To celebrate, the aptly known Garden City puts on a carnival to celebrate all things floral. Founded in 1949, the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers has become an iconic Queensland event, winning multiple Queensland and Australian Tourism awards.

What does the carnival have to offer?

Each year, the Toowoomba Regional Council plant over 150,000 seeds, bulbs and seedlings to ensure mass floral displays in the spring. The two main displays are located at the Botanic Gardens, Queens Park and Laurel Bank Park. There are other displays scattered throughout the CBD, as well as Picnic Point lookout and Spring Bluff Station. You can explore these displays on your own or as part of a tour.

But floral displays aren’t the only thing on offer during the 10-day event. There are tons of foodie events during the carnival including: the Heritage Bank Festival of Food & Wine, Hats and High Tea and the Qantas Gala Dinner. For the more creative, there are also a range of arts and crafts activities, events and displays for kids and adults alike. Book your tickets here!

Where to stay during the Carnival of Flowers?

Whether you’re looking to stay for a weekend or the entire carnival, there are plenty of places in stay in and around Toowoomba. But if you’re looking for a more secluded place for your springtime Queensland getaway, then book a luxury house at Ravensbourne Escape.

Located 40 minutes from the centre of Toowoomba, this beautiful location is the perfect place to escape the hustle of the city. Perched on the eastern escarpment of the Great Dividing Range, you can enjoy breathtaking mountain views and the lush surrounds of Ravensbourne National Park. Houses will fill up quickly, so call 07 46978092 to reserve your little patch of heaven today.

Guests enjoying our archery challenge at their corporate retreat
A tree change! Hard working carers enjoy their time at Ravensbourne Escape

In May of this year, Ravensbourne Escape was chosen as the corporate retreat venue for an educational and wellness getaway for families supporting someone with a mental illness. 20 carers from the area stayed in 8 of our houses in order to relax, rewind and reconnect.

To learn more about the great work of these carers and their stay at Ravensbourne Escape, we spoke with one of the retreat’s organisers, Barbara Hannon. Here’s what she had to say.

What organisation do you represent and what is your role/position?

Barbara: I attend several support groups that have a family member or friend who has a mental illness. We were very fortunate to be offered funding for a retreat for those involved in the ongoing support and care of their family member. I was involved in selecting the accommodation and in organising the retreat.

Why was Ravensbourne Escape so appealing as a corporate retreat venue?

Barbara: As the retreat was to be offered throughout the Darling Downs and Granite Belt area, we needed a suitable venue that was not too far away in case of any emergency at home. We also had specific needs, as all participants have little time for themselves and experience a great deal of stress in their lives. 

We were particularly drawn to Ravensbourne Escape as a retreat because of its location, which is breathtakingly beautiful, and because of the exceptionally high standard of accommodation and meals. 

The Woods restaurant, which is a part of the complex, offered a relaxing, friendly atmosphere with wonderful food. There was also lots of room for us to host guest speakers for educational training.

What were you hoping to provide for your guests?

Barbara: We wanted the participants to have a choice about what they did. Whether they wished to join in with activities, such as archery, yoga, walking, reading, sleeping, soaking in a bath, talking to other attendees, or simply relaxing and enjoying downtime alone. Whatever they wished to do.

Our aim was that they went home feeling that they themselves had been cared for and felt a little less tired and stressed.

Did your guests enjoy their stay? Would you visit again?

Barbara: Without exception the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. We have another 30 participants already booked for August who are really looking forward to spending some time at this special place.

Planning a retreat for your business or organisation?

If you’re looking for a corporate retreat venue near Brisbane or the Gold Coast, contact us today. We offer customisable corporate packages with accomodation, catering, and team building activities. 2019 dates are fast filling up, so call 07 4697 8092 for availability.

Golden Hour in the Golden West – The view from Ravensbourne Escape

Searching for a luxury escape or secluded getaway? If you’re based in Brisbane or the Gold Coast you’ll know all about the hinterland, but what about the ‘Golden West’?

Ravensbourne and the Golden West

Stretching from Warwick to Kingaroy, the Golden West boasts beautiful national parks, local eateries and charming country towns.  While Toowoomba is the largest city in the region, there are lots of charming country towns just waiting to be explored.

Delicious food and spectacular views – The Woods, Ravensbourne

Located in the centre of Queensland’s ‘Golden West’ region, Ravensbourne is the perfect place for a country getaway. With two lakes and its very own national park, this area offers opportunities for bushwalking, boating, camping, fishing, bird watching and picnicking. It is also a stone’s throw away from a range of local food producers, cafe’s, restaurants and artisans.

This stunning locality has it’s own unique climate which is superb all year round. In spring, the mountainside bursts to life with vibrant native blooms until summer, where vivid greens emerge and lush rainforest provides a welcome escape from the coastal heat. As the weather cools, tints of red and gold mark the change to autumn, until winter arrives and the wooded mountains provide a cosy buffer from the chilly air.

Unlike the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Ravensbourne is the region’s best-kept secret. Considered by many as the Maleny or Montville of 30 years ago, you can enjoy all the charm, with none of the crowds. So, if you’re looking for peace, quiet and country air, why not make Ravensbourne your next getaway?

Plan a luxury escape in Ravensbourne

What a view! Balcony spa at Tranquillity Studio, Ravensbourne Escape

Keen to explore Ravensbourne and the Golden West? Check out the accommodation available at Ravensbourne Escape. Located 40 minutes from Toowoomba, 90 minutes from Brisbane and 130 minutes from the Gold Coast, Ravensbourne Escape is the perfect luxury escape.

Perched on the eastern escarpment of the Great Dividing Range and right next door to Ravensbourne National Park, our luxury houses are perfect for escaping the stress of the city.  From modern studios to quaint family homes, we can arrange accommodation for groups of all sizes. To find out more, call 07 4697 8092.

The Woods Restaurant and Conference Centre
Natural light + country air = The perfect conference venue

Your employees are the most valuable assets of your business, so it’s important to provide opportunities for them to reflect, refocus and reenergise. With a corporate retreat or multi-day conference you can build team spirit, spark innovation and develop essential problem-solving skills. To help local businesses connect and strategise, Ravensbourne Escape has teamed up with The Woods Restaurant and Function Centre to provide the ultimate corporate retreat and conference venue.

Why choose our conference venue for your next corporate event?

Set in 50 acres bordering Ravensbourne National Park and overlooking the Great Dividing Range, we really are the region’s best-kept secret. Just a short country drive from nearby cities, we are located 40 minutes from Toowoomba, 90 minutes from Brisbane and 130 minutes from the Gold Coast. We can cater for groups between 5 to 35 people and can accommodate everything from half-day meetings to week-long conferences.  

Luxury escape accommodation

Ravensbourne Escape provides the onsite accommodation, offering 11 luxury houses, each with a spectacular garden or valley view. You can stay privately in a luxury studio or share a 2 or 3-bedroom chalet with your colleagues. Each house has a self-contained kitchen and outdoor BBQ if you want to cook for yourself. Otherwise it’s just a short stroll to The Woods for coffee, lunch, dinner or a drink at the bar.

Home away from office! Relax and unwind in our luxury accomodation

Delicious catering

The Woods offers a stunning conference venue and all-inclusive catering. Our magnificent chef can cater for all food styles and dietary requirements, while using local organic produce from our beautiful micro region. If you need more work or meeting spaces, just let us know and we can help create exactly what you need.

Food for thought! Fuel conversation with delicious local food

Team building activities

We can also help you organise a range of wonderful team building activities. For a bit of friendly competition and focus, try our archery challenge, or for something more peaceful, organise a group hike through the scenic Ravensbourne National Park (just next door). We can also organise group yoga or meditation sessions, as well as campfire evenings complete with MasterChef inspired BBQ cook-offs.

Stay on target! Build focus and collaboration with our team building activities

So, if you’re looking for a conference venue or corporate retreat near Brisbane or the Gold Coast, call us today on 07 4697 8092.

Enjoy a luxury escape with our Xmas in July Special

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but our food is so delightful! That’s right, it’s the (second) most wonderful time of the year and the team at Ravensbourne Mountain Retreat are ready to spread some festive cheer.

What’s in store?

Due to popular demand, Christmas in July is back, with not one, but two dates for you to choose from. Join us at our onsite restaurant, The Woods, on Saturday 6th or Saturday 27th July, to enjoy a festive feast like no other.  

For just $68 per person you will enjoy a traditional 3-course Christmas menu and a glass of mulled wine to be served on the restaurant veranda at twilight, as you take in our stunning escarpment views. For more information, call The Woods restaurant on 0439 841 888.

Make a weekend of it with a luxury escape!

Christmas in July Weekend Special Offer:

Book a two or more night weekend stay in one of our luxury houses at Ravensbourne Escape on either 6-8 July or 26-28 July and get two Christmas in July Tickets at The Woods for ½ price (save $68.00). Only 6 houses available so hurry! 

To claim this offer call Rob on 07 4697 8092 and ask for the Christmas in July Weekend Special. Houses can been seen on http://ravensbourneescape.com.au

Just 40 minutes from Toowoomba and 90 minutes from Brisbane, our luxury escape accommodation is close to charming country towns, eateries and walking trails, making it the perfect winter retreat.

It’s midyear. Marked by the start of the new financial year and a distinct lack of public holidays, things can start to feel a bit dull. So why not plan an escape? Just follow these simple steps for a delightful midyear getaway.

1. Book accommodation at Ravensbourne Escape

Located at Ravensbourne Mountain Retreat, Ravensbourne Escape is just ninety minutes away from Brisbane, and forty-five minutes from Toowoomba. Tucked away on the eastern escarpment of the Great Dividing Range and fringed by Ravensbourne National Park, our accommodation boasts breathtaking views. Feel free to wander the grounds and take in the natural beauty or indulge in some bird watching or photography.

Each of our homes and studios are unique, offering their own distinct charm. Whether you want to spend some time with your family or significant other, we have the accommodation for you. All our houses and lodges are fully self-contained. However, we also have an onsite restaurant (open Friday to Sunday) so you can take a break from cooking. At Ravensbourne Escape you can break away from the hustle and bustle of the city and simply relax. Book your midyear getaway now on 07 46978092 or visit our website http://ravensbourneescape.com.au/.

Book now at Ravensbourne Escape

2. Discover Lake Cressbrook

Ravensbourne Escape is just a stone’s throw away from Lake Cressbrook. Listed as a nature reserve, Lake Cressbrook is home to an array of wildlife including diverse birdlife, red deer and a large population of Eastern Grey kangaroos. Lake Cressbrook is a source of drinking water, so swimming is not allowed. However, activities such as boating, fishing and water sports are all permitted. Lake Cressbrook boasts impressive picnic and barbeque areas, a children’s playground, beach volleyball area and 5 km walking circuit.

3. Explore Ravensbourne National Park

 Ravensbourne Escape is only a short distance from Ravensbourne National Park. Renowned for its beautiful rainforest, the park is home to Sydney blue gums and over eighty bird species. These include: green catbirds, red-tailed black-cockatoos, paradise riflebirds and vulnerable black-breasted button-quails. Furthermore, there are five walking tracks in the park. The most popular, the Gus Beutel lookout, sports views of the Lockyer Valley and Scenic Rim. While there is no on-site camping, Ravensbourne National Park has two, day-use picnic and barbecue areas (BYO wood and drinking water).

Silverwood Lodge is the latest addition to Ravensbourne Escape’s luxury houses. This undeniably enchanting lodge boasts high ceilings, a unique multi-tiered living space and large viewing windows. Equally important is the lodge’s stunning glass walls that sport breath-taking views overlooking Ravensbourne National Park. This enchanting lodge is particularly alluring in the winter months and is simply perfect for group gatherings and weekend escapes.

Booking for a gathering of friends or family?

While many of our lodgings can accomodation large groups, Silverwood is particularly spacious. Due to its many rooms, Silverwood Lodge is built to accommodate. With three bedrooms and two optional rollaway beds, coupled with two bathrooms, the lodge can accommodate up to eight people. Silverwood is fully self-catered, with a fully equipped kitchen and a laundry with both a washer and dryer. In addition, the lodge has a large air-conditioned lounge/dining area, complete with an array of DVDs and books and an inbuilt entertainment system. Better yet, Silverwood also has a roofed entertainment deck with gas BBQ, which is perfect for evening drinks or dinner gatherings. In any event

Fancy a bit of romance?

If it’s a romantic getaway you’re looking for, then Silverwood Lodge has you covered. Silverwood is without a doubt one of our most romantic lodgings. The lodge has its very own cosy log fire, perfect for those chilly evenings, not to mention a luxurious Swedish sauna. Snuggle up together with a glass of wine and some nibbles, while basking in the delightful glow of a tranquil wood fire. Otherwise, escape to the sauna for a steamy de-stress session. Afterwards, to make your stay extra romantic, why not indulge in a relaxing massage or beauty treatment.

In summary, Silverwood Lodge is a luxurious retreat that accommodates to every preference and comfort. So whether you’re planning a getaway with friends, family or your significant other, you can’t go past Silverwood for a magical escape. Contact us today so that

During winter, the daily grind can be even more grinding. Chilly nights and icy mornings can be a drag, but luckily we have a solution. While winter brings frosty weather, it also provides the perfect atmosphere for a wintery weekend getaway. At this time of the year, Ravensbourne Escape, with its misty mountains and crisp country air, offers a unique and inspiring experience. Whether you’re looking to spend time with your family, or your significant other, Ravensbourne Escape has what you’re looking for.

Ramp up the romance

Winter really is one of the most intimate times of the year. There’s nothing like getting close in a cosy cottage or lodge, enjoying a nice warm spa or basking by the fireplace with a glass of wine. If you’re looking to escape with your paramour, we recommend Tree Tops Lodge. Perched off the ground and nestled among the trees, the charming wooden deck features an outdoor hot tub and sports beautiful views of Ravensbourne National Park and the mountains of New South Wales. Submerse yourselves in warm waters while watching the local birdlife or taking in the winter twilight.

Book Tree Tops at Ravensbourne Escape

Have some family fun

Winter can be tough on the kids. Chilly weather can dampen their spirits and breed boredom. So why not escape with the family over the weekend? If you’re looking for a family getaway we recommend Windsong. This two-storey, three-bedroom house has two bathrooms, an open plan dining, kitchen and living area and decks overlooking the Brisbane Valley. The house also has a rustic wood fireplace and air-conditioning to keep you and the family toasty warm. Play some family board games next to a roaring fire or enjoy some family meals overlooking the misty mountains. The upstairs bedroom also offers some much-needed privacy for busy parents.

Book Windsong at Ravensbourne Escape

Let us help you

At Ravensbourne Escape, we want to help you plan your perfect winter escape. Get in touch and let us know what kind of experience you’re looking for and we’ll recommend accommodation to meet your needs. To book your cosy winter getaway, go to our website http://ravensbourneescape.com.au/ or call us on 07 46978092.

Baby it’s cold outside! But don’t worry; the chill in the air has Ravensbourne Mountain Retreat gearing up for some festive cheer. Join us at our onsite restaurant, Tuskana’s, on Saturday 22nd or Saturday 29th July, for a special Christmas in July dinner.

Book for Christmas in July now

What can you expect?

The twilight dinner will include a range of delicious, entrees, mains and desserts. All meals will be sourced from hearty, local produce and prepared by Tuskana’s chef and proprietor, Eddie McGregor. Each guest will receive three mouth-watering meals per course and a complimentary glass of mulled wine, house wine, beer or soft drink on arrival.

The evening will commence at 5.00pm, where you can enjoy drinks on the restaurant veranda, overlooking Ravensbourne Mountain Retreat’s signature mountain views (which look particularly stunning in winter twilight). Prices are $60 per adult and $30 per child (5 to 12 years). Children under 5 years eat for free. For more information email us at info@ravensbourneescape.com.au.

Book your Christmas in July

We are limited to 50 guests per dinner, so get in quick to avoid missing out! Book your Christmas in July tickets here before they run out.

Additionally, you can book accommodation at one of Ravensbourne Escape’s wonderful holiday homes or luxury studios. Our cosy lodgings are simply perfect for a little winter getaway. Located just outside of Toowoomba, Ravensbourne Escape is close to quaint country towns, numerous walking trails and Lake Cressbrook. So if you’re looking to get more out of your weekend, book online at http://ravensbourneescape.com.au/ or call us on 07 46978092.