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A family escapes to the high country for some quality family time
Holiday in the high country. Trade heat, sand and crowds for a breath of fresh air!

For most Australians, the beach is synonymous with family fun. People love the sun, surf and salt air and return year after year for their family holiday. While beach holidays are certainly enjoyable, it might be time to switch it up with a high country getaway. Here’s why!

Stay sand free

While beaches are certainly beautiful, there is one clear drawback – sand. No matter how hard you try, sand always ends up everywhere. It gets in your clothes, your bags and the car and hangs around for weeks to come. Things get even worse when you add sunscreen into the mix. Sticky sunscreen and gritty sand is one disastrous combination. Luckily, in the high country you can stay sand free while enjoying your natural surrounds.

Avoid the crowds

As the weather warms up, people flock to the beach. Both locals and tourists alike head to the coast with their families to enjoy the sun. While this might sound appealing, the crowds are less so. On a hot, humid day, being packed on a stretch of beach can be incredibly stressful, especially with little ones in tow. Instead of following the masses to dry coastal beaches, it’s far more pleasant to escape to the cooler green areas of the high country.

Avoid parking dilemmas

Worse still, with large crowds come masses of traffic. Finding a parking spot along the beachfront can take ages and this can be a stressful experience when you’ve got kids in the backseat. By choosing the country instead of the beach, you can always guarantee a park.

Score some shade

All regular beach goers know the struggle of finding some shade. You have to park in the shade if you want to prevent the car from turning into a furnace and there are only so many spots with trees. Even if you score a shade for your car, you need to make your own shade on the beach to protect your family from the baking rays of the sun. This means lugging around and setting up huge umbrellas, beach tents or sun shelters. On a high country holiday you’ll never be short of trees and shade. Better yet, due to the elevated altitude, the high country climate is much cooler and less humid than the coast.

Get some fresh country air

Because of their popularity, cities usually grow around beaches. This means that the beach also comes with air pollution. While the beach itself may have clear air, if you are staying nearby, the air might not be quite as clean. By embarking on a high country getaway you can guarantee a fresh dose of country air for the whole family.

Explore new activities

A high country getaway offers a huge range of fun activities. You can go hiking in national parks, horseback riding in grasslands, four-wheel-driving along trails or visit a range of heritage attractions, country markets, gardens, cafes and eateries. Some country towns also have organised tours that allow you to see the best the region has to offer.

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