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Silverwood Lodge makes the perfect corporate event accomodation
Silverwood Lodge makes the perfect corporate event accomodation

The calendar has slipped past the midyear point. Your business has survived the stress of End of Financial Year, but just as you pull into the clear, your team is gearing up to meet inevitable end of year deadlines. You need time to recharge, but when?

As an executive, there never seems to be a good time to take a break. You’re a leader. Others rely on you. Even when your delivery team are delivering, you need to be planning and looking forward. Without you, you worry things could de-rail or at least loose momentum. But the truth is, you dedicate your life to building strong, talented teams and they can manage the day-to-days themselves. You owe it to yourself (and your team) to take time out for yourself with a corporate event or getaway,

The benefits of an executive corporate event

Fight burn out

In our fast-paced digital world where working days follow you home, it’s difficult to unwind. Long periods of stress and overworking eventually lead to burnout and feelings of emotional, physical and mental exhaustion. To counter these feelings you need to take time out from your regular routine so you can recharge, reenergise and re-inspire.

Give others a chance to lead

It’s important to place trust in your team and most employees enjoy the opportunity to self-manage when their leaders are taking time out. You hired them because they are capable, so it’s important they are given the chance to prove themselves. Just make sure you set clear deadlines, deliverables and backup plans before you leave.

Boost creativity

The daily grind is crammed full of meetings, conversations and interruptions. It’s rare to get regular, uninterrupted opportunities to pause, reflect and think. There’s a reason why we have so many profound thoughts and breakthroughs in the shower. The brain requires easy and passive activity to find creative solutions, which is why taking time out is essential.

So, if you’re avoiding time off, then it’s time to stop and plan an executive corporate event or getaway. Whether it’s for yourself, or a group of your managers and directors, some downtime is the perfect way to refresh and reenergise. 

Located just 40 minutes from Toowoomba, 90 minutes from Brisbane and 130 minutes from the Gold Coast, Ravensbourne Escape is the perfect location for corporate events. We have customisable corporate packages, including accommodation, catering, and team building activities for groups between 5 to 35 people. 2019 dates are filling up, so call 07 4697 8092 to secure your place.

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