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A little girl takes photos on a family holiday.
Family fun! With a few simple tips you can make travelling with kids a breeze.

Who doesn’t love a family holiday? New places, new adventures and quality family fun. The only drawback? Travelling with children can be a real challenge. Long distances in the car and a shift from normal routines can make even the best behaved children tired and irritable. Luckily there are lots of tactics you can use to keep your kids happy during family travels.

Stock up the car

When you are travelling by car, it’s important to pack all of the on-route essentials. Make sure to bring enough water to keep the family hydrated and pack some snacks to appease little appetites. Good options are dried fruit, muesli bars, cheese cubes, chopped fruit and vegetables and mini sandwiches.

Make frequent stops

While many families try to reduce the amount of stops en-route, if you have kids on board, making frequent stops is a must. Aim for one stop per hour of driving, even if it’s just a quick 10 minutes to stretch their little legs and take in some fresh air. It’s also a great opportunity to use the bathroom or have a family picnic.

Take the scenic route

While it’s faster to use motorways and highways when getting from A to B, the scenic route provides more family entertainment. Not only will the kids have more to look at, you can use the opportunity to explore little country towns, local museums or walking tracks in national parks. It may take a little longer, but this way the drive itself becomes part of the holiday. 

Play informative games

While ‘I Spy’ and ‘The Number Plate Game’ are great road trip games, you can also use the opportunity to get them learning. Do some research ahead of time about the towns, landmarks and areas that you are driving through and give them an informative guided tour. Alternatively, you can create a tailored scavenger hunt by pre-preparing a list of things you’ll see along the way: cows, a windmill, a barn, a kangaroo, a campervan, etc.

Looking for family friendly accommodation for your next family holiday?

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