MG Motor and Ravensbourne Escape accelerate
EV infrastructure in the High Country

At Ravensbourne Escape, we’re all about taking steps towards a more sustainable future. We’re always looking for opportunities to invest in cleaner, greener initiatives for the benefit of our guests and the environment. That’s why we’re teaming up with MG Motor in their mission to bring electric motoring to all Australians.

Ravensbourne Escape is excited to announce that we have installed three MG ChargeHub Electric Vehicle chargers, as part of MG Motor’s EV infrastructure support program. One at luxury house Quingilli, and two more at our luxury studios – Serenity and Tranquillity. These three chargers will be one of thousands rolled out across Australia to help jumpstart the accessible electric revolution.

These MG ChargeHubs are the latest step in our journey towards true sustainability. They are the perfect evolution to our energy efficient and eco-friendly studios Serenity and Tranquillity and our ongoing mission to reduce our carbon footprint. These chargers complement the quiet, peaceful environment and clear mountain air of Ravensbourne Escape and its surrounds.

Australia embraces the EV revolution

Australian drivers are showing an increasing interest in purchasing electric vehicles, but high purchase prices and a lack of EV charging infrastructure across the country are preventing many from making the switch. Thankfully this year, state and territory governments are investing in charging infrastructure and offering a range of incentives, to reduce the financial burden of EV purchases.

In Queensland, the government is offering a $3,000 rebate for new EVs that cost up to $58,000, as well as reduced stamp duty. The Queensland government’s goal is to ensure half of all new passenger vehicle sales are zero-emission by 2030, with that target increasing to all sales by 2036.

MG Motor's Australia wide EV charger rollout

With the costs of electric vehicles becoming more competitive due to government subsidies and increased demand, MG Motor is taking the next step to increase EV accessibility in Australia. As part of a multi-million-dollar initiative, MG Motor is delivering up to 3,000 EV chargers across Australia over the next three years. These EV chargers will be delivered to local businesses and operators in both metro and regional centres to create a new and accessible EV charging network. These chargers will not only enhance customer experience at these venues, but also provide electric vehicle owners with the support they need to drive around Australia with ease.

Introducing the MG ChargeHub

As part of this rollout Ravensbourne Escape has installed three MG ChargeHubs – MG Motor’s cutting-edge EV chargers. So, what makes MG Motor’s ChargeHub so special? The MG ChargeHub uses an Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) and is compatible with all Type-2 portequipped EVs. This means that that it’s not only compatible with all MG ElectricVehicles, but also with most other EVs on the market.

Convenient and easy to use, the MG ChargeHub provides free fast charging to all our guests. Choose from 7 kW and 11 kW power options and enjoy accelerated charging speeds and state of the art load balancing options. Simply plug the MG ChargeHub into your vehicle and it will begin charging. This service is free to guests booked into any of our ChargeHub equipped houses.

Compact, low-impact and weather-resistant, the MG ChargeHub is certified to the most stringent Australian safety standards. Better yet, every charger is equipped with sophisticated anti-tamper electronics and shut-down button offer to ensure your security and safety at all times.

What makes Ravensbourne Escape the perfect place for an EV getaway?

The High Country Hamlets is fast becoming one of Queensland’s favourite regions. Our scenic surrounds and long winding roads make for an incredible road trip and there’s always a reason to visit. Whether you’re looking to explore quaint country towns, incredible local eateries or our stunning national parks and lakes, there’s plenty to see and do in the High Country.

As electric vehicles become more popular, we want Ravensbourne Escape to operate as your base of exploration. EVs have a driving range of around 300 to 400 km, which isn’t a lot when you’re driving out our way. Luckily our MG ChargeHubs are here to make your life easier.

Whether you’re coming from the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane or further, you can explore the High Country without worrying about your next charge. You can travel by day and charge overnight in your very own covered carport, ready for your next adventure. No more range anxiety, just arrive, charge and explore.

MG Motor and Ravensbourne Escape:
Powering your High Country adventures

Just like our friends at MG Motor, we believe in a cleaner era of driving with silent motoring, no petrol stations and zero emissions, so we’re doing our part to make it happen. Whether you own an electric vehicle or are hiring one for a High Country holiday, our new MG ChargeHubs offer fast and convenient EV charging to power your journey.

Interested in booking one of ChargeHub equipped houses and exploring our wonderful region? Contact us today!