Yume House:
The Wabi Sabi Dream

One of Ravensbourne Escape’s newest additions, Yume House accentuates the beauty of slow living and simplicity. Set amongst leafy foliage and boasting forest and far-off sweeping valley views, this beautiful property stands in harmony with nature. Perfect for those who enjoy thoughtful design and modern, yet eco-friendly comfort, Yume House is perfect for a private country getaway. 

Inspired by Japandi design aesthetics and the philosophy of wabi sabi, Yume House has undergone a recent transformation. To learn more about the recent renovations and design inspirations, we spoke to the owners of this enchanting property.


YH: Our first impression driving into the estate was one of stillness. We loved the vibrant green of the landscape. The pine trees added an element of exotic northern climes, while the temperature was cool and crisp. The serenity and vibrance of the estate and landscape overwhelmed us with a sense of calm.

Stepping onto the balcony we fell in love with the landscape and amazing valley views and enjoyed feeling so protected and private. The abundance of colourful birdlife is spectacular and an added and unexpected pleasure.


YH: My design decisions were influenced by our love of Japan and Japanese interior design. Japan is a very special destination for us personally and we really connect with the Japanese aesthetic. Japandi style mixes the minimalism of Scandi design with the Japanese aesthetic of wabi sabi, which is about finding beauty within imperfection, impermanence and nature. We wanted to create a space that is elegant and combined natural elements, textures, tones and shapes in a minimalist yet luxurious setting.

The space aims to create an atmosphere of balance between elegance, quality craftsmanship, and nature. Dark Japandi adds a sleek, darker, moodier and more refined take on Japandi which to me epitomises the elegance and style of Japanese modernist design. ‘Yume’ means dream in Japanese, so it translates to dream house. The interior was thoughtfully curated, creating a sense of luxury and comfort that embodies the wabi sabi philosophy of slow living, contentment and simplicity. It’s a place our guests can escape, contemplate nature and relax!


YH: Oh there are too many! But one of my favourite features is the amazing Danish fireplace. The designer was looking for a design aesthetic which was natural in shape, elegant and harmonious with the environment. She designed ‘a piece of furniture that just happened to be a fireplace’ and this blends splendidly with the wabi sabi design aesthetic.

We also love the amazingly stylish and comfortable outdoor setting that combines serene natural forms with comfort. This setting does not obscure, but rather enhances the view from the living area through the furniture to the valley views beyond. The pebble ottoman is perfectly compliments the interior design aesthetic, mirroring the pebbles in the living room rug and connecting the interior to nature.  I love this effect. 


YH: We removed a large kitchen bench, curtains and tall shelf in the middle of the living space to open up the room. This has infused the house with an incredible sense of space and light which is amazing in a studio style house. We then replaced the kitchen cabinetry with sleek black tones to match the dark Japandi theme. We repainted the whole house in a natural shade to blend in and soften the look. 

We also upgraded the technology to provide a seamlessly, sleek yet modern experience. Powered by high-speed internet, you can stay connected to the modern world whilst getting back to nature. We equipped Yume House with integrated Amazon Alexa technology to provide a hands-free solution for operating lighting and entertainment. The integrated voice control can change the music, lighting, air-conditioning, and even connects with the stylish modern Frame TV. It’s a TV when on and art when it’s off! 

RE: Do you have any future plans for Yume House?

YH: Yes indeed! We plan to remodel the whole bathroom, opening out the space and relocating the laundry to create a natural stone and wood look in line with the Japandi theme; and maybe a standalone bath or indoor sauna. We want to create a bathroom that feels luxurious yet connects to nature. There are really too many options!


YH: The local Gin Distillery Distillery at Pechey has wonderful tastings which are not only delicious, but the tastings are served at this cute little outdoor tasting bar. We also recommend In Crows Nest Soft Drinks. This factory and store sells delicious soft drinks, cordials and syrups and has museum display inside showcasing retro items from the factory’s past. It is quaint and reminds me of family holidays when I was young. I haven’t yet explored the hiking in the region but am keen to do so!


YH: The landscape and how green it is up here. The shades of green are so vibrant and lush. It has truly gorgeous views of valleys, rolling green hills and farms that are a delight to drive by on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

WANT TO EXPERIENCE THE natural beauty OF Yume HOuse?

Dream by name and dream by nature, Yume House is ideal for romantic escapes and family holidays. Featuring a modern self-contained kitchen, open plan dining and lounge area, cosy Queen bedroom and stylish TV room complete with convertible king sofa bed, this home accentuates the beauty of slow living and simplicity. Chill out on the covered balcony and enjoy stunning natural views or snuggle up inside near the log fire and enjoy a glass of wine (or two)!

For bookings, call Ravensbourne Escape on 0427 989 570.